At our core, we’re a public relations agency that has built, strengthened and nurtured our clients’ most important relationships and helped them navigate a constantly changing media landscape for almost two decades.

We offer all the services and expertise that every modern PR and marketing department needs:

• Ideation and PR strategy
• Social media strategy
• Creative newsroom
• Copywriting
• Art Direction
• Influencer Marketing
• Media relations
• On-call press service
• Press releases
• Media trainings
• Crisis communications
• Events

Within the network, we also have two proprietary products that help us create the best suited communications.

The Bridge is our creative newsroom for trend-watching and content production where we work with:
1. Identifying opportunities and creating communications (Such as Skansens quick post to help people see the difference between a seal and an IKEA bag)
2. Maximizing the reach and engagement of our campaigns
3. Identifying patterns and trends.
4. Discovering crises before they happen

But the true greatness of this tool lies in the fact that our Bridge-teams can be found all over the world, on every market, in every time zone. This makes it possible for us to monitor areas of interest or follow a crisis across the globe. We can also work smarter with launches on a global market.

The Relevance Radar gives us quick access to data to base our insight work on. It gives us a clear picture of reach, who is setting the agenda, who is influencing who and how the debate is developing, both in Sweden and abroad.

If you’d like to know more about us and how we work, get in touch with