About JMWGolin

JMWGolin is a PR agency that is exceptionally good at advertising.

We build and nurture relationships using the most suitable type of communications. In other words, we have a channel-neutral approach. And we always stick to the motto “earned first”.

Earned first – what does that mean?

Well, even if we have a channel-neutral approach, we know that the really good ideas are the ones that have the potential to be picked up by the morning shows. An idea that gets mass media attention will also work on social media. And in an ad.

Here’s how we work:

Companies don’t collaborate, people do. The better we work together, the more successful work we’ll do together. That’s why we like to build strong teams together with our clients and their other agencies. Teams that are characterized by openness, trust and unpretentiousness. Working this way creates optimum conditions for collaborative creativity thanks to our various skillsets. Also, it’s so much more fun than the alternative.

If you’d like to know more about us and how we work, get in touch with louise.leo@jmwgolin.se.