Ansvarsfullt kul – en bra påminnelse från vår systerbyrå FCB

Ansvarsfullt kul – en bra påminnelse från vår systerbyrå FCB

I en bransch där kreativitet och galenskap ibland ses som något positivt kan det ibland gå över styr. I december är det många företag som har julfester och julavslutningar. Det ska vara roligt för alla – inte bara för några.

Tyvärr visar det sig ibland att det är vid dessa tillfällen som många av de övergrepp sker som bland annat #metoo berättar om. FCB som är en del av samma nätverk som vi i Golin har skickat ut en utmärkt intern lista för vad man som anställd bör tänka på i julfesternas tid. För ”stupid fun” är sällan eftersträvansvärt utan vi behöver se till att ha ”responsible fun”.

”We’re all for Stupid Fun – because it’s stupid and it’s fun. Unfortunately, Stupid Fun in the workplace often turns into Regrettable Fun the next day. And Regrettable Fun has given rise to corporate phrases like “HR has received a formal complaint,” “zero tolerance” and “fired for cause.””

Ibland kan det självklara behöva påpekas – med bra copywriting. Vi tycker det är värt att citera brevet:

1. If we aren’t in the office, do titles matter?
– Umm, yes. There were a few people in the business world this year who were fired for being naked at home and in private hotel rooms. Colleagues are colleagues, and that doesn’t change with geography.

2. If I drink too much and lose control, can I blame the booze?
– Umm, no. You are still responsible for your body’s actions, no matter how checked out your brain is. This is the worst kind of Stupid Fun. If you see a colleague headed this way, do him or her a favor and shut the fun down.

3. If I see some Stupid Fun going on, may I post it on social media?
– Again, no. Posting pics of Stupid Fun is pretty stupid, and mean. Best to ask yourself, if this were me, would I be cool with everyone and their mother, father, sister, brother, spouse or child seeing this?

4. If I tell an off-color joke to a few colleagues in a corner while the music is blaring really loud, is that okay?
– No. Someone might be wired. It happens sometimes on a bus, sometimes in a dark corner. If you are saying things you wouldn’t want certain people to hear, you probably shouldn’t be saying them. See if you can actually be funny without having to offend anyone. It takes much more talent.

5. If I ask someone, “Would you like a drink,” is that okay?
– Sure, that’s thoughtful. However, “Come on, just have one more” is not.

6. If I’m under the mistletoe, can I take advantage of the situation?
– Probably a good idea to save the garland tradition for non-work-related parties. If it takes greenery to get a kiss, you shouldn’t be kissing.

7. If a song comes on that causes my body to gyrate, can I go with the flow?
– This borders on Stupid Fun. However, if you keep your hands and your hips to yourself, and you own the spotlight, have at it. Just don’t force others to join your dance off.

8. If we leave the work party and go to an after-party that has nothing to do with work, then can I play by different rules?
– Please, re-read the answer to the first question.

Helt enkelt – se till att ha ansvarsfullt kul så att alla kan ha roligt på julens fester.

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